Horse Show Bucks Sale

December 15-20th, 2020

     Take part in our annual show bucks sale which you can use as a gift for that special horse person or yourself! Certificates can be used at 2020 Buckeye Equestrian Events horse shows in exchange for enrtry fees, stalls, office fees, etc. Horse Show Bucks may be purchased in increments of $20 and you will receive a $25 credit for each certificate purchased. Certificates will then be printed and mailed to the address you provide using PayPal to pay for your purchase. Show Bucks expire after the completion of the last event in 2020. 

     Click on the "Buy Now" button below which corresponds with the # of certificates you would like to purchase. Please include your mailing address when prompted. If you have any questions, please email (Best option to view this page is on a desktop or large tablet)

Buy      Pay          Get

1          $20          $25

2          $40          $50

3          $60          $75

4          $80          $100

5          $100        $125

6          $120        $150

8          $160        $200

10        $200        $250

11         $400        $500